Are you ready to take control of the limiting beliefs that hold you back from abundance, fulfillment, and your truest desires?


Limiting Beliefs - the digital course is a comprehensive training program that helps you implement a system to identify, process, shift, and reprogram your limiting beliefs to unlock opportunities, abundance, fulfilment, and personal alignment. 


No need to struggle with trying every practice, process, tip, & trick. Lindsay walks you through her exact process and supports you in customizing the practice for YOUR optimum benefit. 


There is an easier way to connect with your truth and uncover your highest and greatest expression of self.


šŸ‘‡ Right now your journey looks a lot like this šŸ‘‡


āŒ Stuck in a loop of the same shit and you can’t put your finger on how to shift your shit

āŒ Fear grabs ahold of you when you try to take the next step towards fulfillment

āŒ The voice in the back of your head keep you from starting or scaling the business of your dreams

āŒ You hear why me, who am I to do that, it will never happen, and more BS when start to take steps towards your dreams


šŸ‘‡ When your journey could look like this šŸ‘‡


āœ”ļø Integrating lessons on your first experience

āœ”ļø Consistently taking steps into alignment, abundance, fulfillment and more

āœ”ļø Working WITH your conscious & subconscious mind instead of against it



LIMITING BELIEFS - the Digital Course

Who is Limiting Beliefs For?

  • Soulprenuers and spiritually curious beings who are over spinning their wheels, readings tons of books, listening to all the podcasts, and downloading all the freebies trying to find the RIGHT answer for their roadblocks.
  • This program is for those of you who are READY for major transformation, who are interested in a practice so personalised that you will be working with it forever & ever. 

Healing is cyclical loves, we often come back to the same lessons in deeper ways. Limiting Beliefs teaches you a way of BEING not just a practice for DOING. 


Are you ready to alchemize your being?


āœØ Are you ready to Alchemize?

More often than not, what's keeping you from the fullest expression of self aren't the things you don't know or don't have, it's the burdens you carry with you. I call them  šŸ§± in your šŸŽ’ .  

Think of it this way

If life & healing are like going on a hike, a magical journey. Then you can get all the snazzy stuff you want, like a cool camel back, and new hiking stick, and the best shoes... but if you are carrying around 50 lbs of crap in your backpack, those tools aren't going to be able to help you very much. 

āž”ļø So what do you do?

Creating a process & practice for identifying the limiting beliefs that aren't serving you. Let me show you how to alchemize the things that aren't serving you, a practice for magical transformation.

Instead of being slowed down by carrying 50lbs of crap you'll be free of those unnecessary burdens, that's what limiting beliefs work does for your operating system. Helps you shed and realign your beliefs so you can operate at your best. 

What’s Included:

Instant Access to the Limiting Beliefs Introduction Training including: 

  • Welcome video & What is a limiting belief 
  • Meet Your coach - Lindsay Schroeder 
  • How to work with this digital course 
  • Limiting Beliefs Kick-off Meditation 
  • Soulprenuer Abundance Meditation 
  • BONUS Intention Setting Training

Weekly Delivery of Course Work: 

  • 6 Modules with Video Trainings, Homework Offerings, & Resources
  • 4 Workbooks 
    • Intention Setting Workbook
    • Identifying Limiting Beliefs Workbook
    • What If - a high vibrational practice Workbook 
    • Emotional Freedom Technique Workbook
  • 3 Bonus Trainings 
  • 2 Meditations 
    •  Limiting Beliefs Kick-off Meditation 
    • Soulprenuer Abundance Meditation 
  • LIFETIME access to this digital course & all future upgrades
  • Access to a community Facebook Group to ask questions, connect with peers, and a safe space for transmutation 


Bonus #1: Intention Setting Training 

  • Amplify the impact of Limiting Beliefs with this intention setting training
  • Apply Intention Setting to ANYTHING important in your life ((first date, job interview, launch goal, and more)) 

Bonus #2: C.O.R.E. Beliefs Training 

If you aren't creating the rules for you life & business then you are playing the game by someone else's rules. 

I don't know about you but I didn't start my business or dive into my healing journey to play by anyone else's rules! 

C.O.R.E. Beliefs Training helps you create YOUR RULES for life & business.

Bonus #3: Shi(f)ting Your Shit Training

Shifting is a part of our limiting beliefs practice that takes repetition, and habit forming and habit breaking are HARD for the human brain. So I've included a second training video for added repetition when it comes to SHIFTING! 

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“The transformation I went through was a true awakening.
Letting go of all of my past limiting beliefs required the deep work and I wouldn’t have had anyone else next to me but the one and only Lindsay Schroeder.
The work we did together was focused on my beliefs around money, acceptance that I am more than enough and forgiveness. This has helped me take my business and my life to the next level.”
+ Ruby 
+ Business Coach
“After working with Lindsay
I was able to identify
that I am my only limitation.
I was keeping myself from things I wanted without even realizing it.
I now have a process to work through my limiting beliefs and it has changed my life.”
+ Katie 
+ Healthcare Professional
"I was able to identify blocks I didn’t realize I had. 
Lindsay listened to me even when I thought I was being annoying with any ego thoughts of limiting beliefs. Lindsay really helped me breakthrough mental blocks around money, worthiness, my ability to sell and so much more. I ended up finishing the year with her mentorship with tripling my money goal and having a 6 figure business!!” 
- Kimberley Wenya 
+ Mindset Mentor
+ Dream Creator

3 Monthly Payments of

$750 // month

  • Instant access to the Welcome Training Section
  • 6 - Weekly Modules, Workbooks, Homework Offerings, & Resources 
  • 3 Bonus Trainings - Intention Setting, C.O.R.E. Beliefs, and Shi(f)ting Your Shit 
  • 2 Bonus Meditations - Kick-off Meditation & Soulprenuer Abundance Meditation 
  • Lifetime access including all updates & added bonuses 

1 Time Payment Of


  • Instant access to the Welcome Training Section
  • 6 - Weekly Modules, Workbooks, Homework Offerings, & Resources 
  • 3 Bonus Trainings - Intention Setting, C.O.R.E. Beliefs, and Shi(f)ting Your Shit 
  • 2 Bonus Meditations - Kick-off Meditation & Soulprenuer Abundance Meditation 
  • Lifetime access including all updates & added bonuses

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