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FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of Waters The Membership

Beautiful Soul, come explore this magical iteration of Waters - The Membership for 30 days free of charge.


Explore - Play - Expand - Luxuriate 

Waters - The Membership is the community, container, and expander you've been looking for. From breath-work, to manifestation, to embodiment, and more the membership blends live zoom events with recorded trainings, practices, and rituals. This space will support you in connecting with your self, your intuition, and your creatrix powers! 


After your 30 day free trial, monthly payments of $44 for continued access!  

A detailed breakdown of what's included each month in the membership:

One portal training will be available at the start of each month. 

  • The training will consist of a video, workbook, written practice, ritual, or tool that will support you in working with and harnessing your inner power & potency.
    • This will sometimes be pretty specific to the vibrations // attributions that we are going through as a group, what might be coming up for the collective, or just something that I'm feeling called to share. 
    • We will work with practices like embodiment, manifestation, limiting beliefs, mindset, abundance practices, shadow work, inner child work, and so much more! 
    • This entire membership is all about making things your own ((leaning into your intuition)), so re-work, edit, try new things, and let your soul shine through! 

Connect with the Lunar Phases, Zodiac Seasons, and Celestial Events. 

  • Each month, I will support you in sinking into the sacred connection each of us shares with the lunar phases and the pull the moon has on the waters affects the emotions & intuition within each of us. At the start of every month, you'll find a section in the portal that details out the 4 main lunar phases, what zodiac sign the phases are in, as well as other magic tips. 
  • To further support you, let's dive into the Zodiac Season we are in. I'll be offering magical practices to work with the planets and lunar phases,  Check out her podcast Scorpio Season here. to learn more about Zodiac magic. 
  • We will also discuss celestial and cosmic events that affect each and every one of us; think eclipse, retrogrades, and more! 

Every month we also have 2 live group sessions on Zoom: 

Live Q&A Coaching Call 

  • This is a live session where you can ask me anything! If you have a question on any of the topics we've discussed or I cover in any of my work, now is the time to get answers. 
  • Have a question but can't make the time of the call? No worries, you are able to submit your questions ahead of time, and I will answer them on the live session. You can check it out on the replay, which remains in the portal. 

Live Online Gathering 

  • This will sometimes be a ritual, a ceremony, or a mini training, and will always include guided meditation & sound therapy.  

BONUS: Added trainings, meditations, journal prompts, & workbooks. 

  • I will be adding bonus trainings, mediations, journal prompts, and pdf workbooks throughout the membership to support y'all even more. 
  • Look out for special, featured guests!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions: [email protected]. I am here to support you. 

✨ Lindsay 

What People Are Saying:

I was introduced to Lindsay through the Saged app. I was lost and looking for a path that would help me find out who I was. Her ability to guide you through your ups and downs is true magic. After joining Waters the membership I was able to work with her in a smaller setting and weave the magic she taught us into my own life. Because of her guidance, I not only am able to view myself as a strong woman with the ability to manifest my greatest desires, but I see the world in a whole new light. She has taught me to cultivate and trust my intuition, be a better mother, and believe in my own inner strength while reminding me that sometimes you just need to hug a tree and find joy in the frogs that randomly show up to find yourself. I still have a long way to go, but this time I know that I have one hell of a woman to help guide me.

Tanya J.

I came across Lindsay on a Podcast about 4 years ago when I began my journey in recovery, finding my purpose with a solid foundation in my life. Listening to Lindsay and her motivation to heal trauma through her potent, beautiful practices I instantly gained more interest and what she had to say and what else she had to offer. My goal since then has been to find a like minded community of people who want to uplift each other, empower each other, and release together. I have been a client of Lindsay’s for about a year now, and am moving toward fulfilling purpose and opening up my own business as a Spiritual Wellness Coach and I’m forever grateful to have gained such a beautiful soul to grow with! If you’re interesting in Lindsay I highly recommend her.

Arielle Cowser

Joining the waters membership has been powerful for me in deeping my spiritual practice and connecting with likeminded individuals. Since I don't meditate daily, a big dose of spiritual healing and guidance twice a month on our live zoom calls (or watching the recording) is exactly what my soul needs to feel nourished and grounded. I love exploring spiritual and celestial topics with Lindsay and getting individual feedback on the Q&A coaching calls. It really is a powerful and safe container for growth! I encourage anyone on the cusp to join <3

Aline Fusco