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These journals are a supportive space for conscious releasing



These journals are a supportive space for conscious manifesation


a note from Lindsay:

"Spiritual practice is intimate, sacred, & our purest form of alchemy.


I created these journals to inspire you, support you, and hold space for you."

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Releasing Journals 

Explore the interior

Each releasing journal includes inspirations for releasing what no longer serves you. 

Each of us deserves to be lovingly supported at each step of our journey. It's time to create space for your desires through the conscious practice of releasing.

Releasing is vital to our personal practice

Conscious releasing allows us to create space for our desires to manifest. 

Start with your releasing practice then move into manifestation and watch your reality transform.  

Manifestation Journals 

Explore the interior

Each manifestation journal includes the steps for conscious manifestation, supportive tips for each stage of your practice, & inspirations.

Each of us deserves to be lovingly supported at each step of our journey. It's time to receive everything you've been dreaming of. 


to create space 

We want to hear your story! 

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When your coach launches a journal, you clear your Friday afternoon to cast some spells! What a beautiful piece of your magic @ourandare!




I am lucky enough to have a journal for releasing and a beautiful pen to write what does not serve me & bring in all that I desire. Thank you @ourandare"

- Hetal 



I love my journal! It helps me so much, my manifestation practice has really upgraded since finding these. 

- Heidi


to experience your desires

Have a practice you'd love a supportive journal for

We LOVE to hear from y'all! If there is an area of practice you'd love a supportive journal for, drop us a message! Lindsay is currently creating the next round of journals & workbooks! 

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