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2023 Monthly Membership

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Join this powerful community and share in rituals, practices, and ceremonies guided by Lindsay to create the life of your dreams.
Lindsay is gifted at supporting soulpreneurs & spiritually curious beings in accessing their power, embodying their own innate magic, and becoming the conscious creators of their lives & businesses. 
Meet Lindsay
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Welcome, beautiful soul

2023 kicks off the third iteration of the membership from Lindsay of Our & Are and it goes deeper into the internal space of alchemy. 
Working in this container provides you the roadmap and supportive space to dive DEEP and explore the truth of who you are. Through this inner work you will welcome in fulfillment at a soul level.
Expand your own innate gifts through deeper exposure and access to trainings, teachings, and practices (and most importantly the personal integration of these workings)!  
Curious about what it means to live your purpose, express your passions, and know your true self? 
Whether you are a soulpreneur or a spiritually curious being, this membership provides you a beautiful playground to learn, play, and grow that will open up the doors to endless possibilities in life & business. 


Are you ready to take your personal practice to the next level?

⤁ If you feel oh so ready for more when it comes to spirituality, wellness, and woo woo but you feel stuck in a rut 
⤁ If you are worried about not doing it right when it comes to energy, vibration, or manifestation 
⤁ If you are calling in deeper communion with Source & the eternal Oneness
⤁ If your personal practice feels capped at a certain level of connection
If you FEEL a resounding YES in your body or energy...  


Waters - the Membership

 is for you!

I'm ready
  • Magic is within each of us, it's up to you to access it, harness it, to work with it 

  • Inner work creates outer transformation

  • Are you curious about the rituals and practices that Lindsay uses to create the life and business of her dreams? 

Curious about the experience joining Lindsay and the Waters - the Membership? Each month, you'll receive:

✨ Training consisting of a video, worksheet, written practice, ritual or tool to harness your inner power and potency
✨ Lunar phase and zodiac support to connect to the moon's affect on our emotions and intuition
✨ Live Online Gathering: Gather with other aligned community members, build friendships, and find your woo woo besties 
✨ Live Q&A Coaching call: Ask Lindsay anything and receive answers to help you grow your own spiritual practice
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Beautiful Soul, 

Lindsay here 👋!

I’m so excited that you are considering Waters - the Membership.

I would love to have you join me in this magical container. Last year, kicking off Waters The Membership was deeply transformative for my own practice. 

Sharing so many of my favorite aspects of personal practice was a launch pad for me. 

This year, I am at a deeper place, ready for more, and so I'm also offering YOU more.


w  a  d  e

into the

w  a  t  e  r  s

with me

Are you ready for more?

I cannot tell you how many clients have come to me eager and ready to dive in even deeper into the woo woo. They say, I've been practicing, I've been "doing the work", I've been exploring... but I'm ready for MORE! 
That's where Waters - the Membership comes in! 
I created this for specifically YOU, 
the YOU who is ready for more,
for deeper,
for quantum,
for magic.

 When you get access and exposure to a myriad of tools, practices, as well as guided support you are able to deep dive, create, curate, and cultivate a deeper connection to the vibrational potency around you. 

I'm in!

What’s Included:

What’s included each month: 
  • Training consisting of a video, worksheet, written practice, ritual or tool
  • Lunar phase and zodiac support
  • 1 Live Online Gathering - ceremony or ritual
  • 1 Live Q&A Coaching Call - personalized coaching with Lindsay
  • Guest appearances
  • Embodiment practices 
  • Alignment work 
  • Journal prompts 
  • Aligned podcast episodes
  • and so much more!

That's not all though, I'll frequently be bringing in featured guests to teach and offer trainings on a plethora of woo woo topics. 

+ tonal healing 

+ sound therapy 

+ manifestation 

+ quantum shifting 

+ cacao ceremonies 

+ astrology 

+ human design

& more 

This is for me!
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions: [email protected]. I am here to support you. 
✨ Lindsay 

12 Month Membership


January - December 2023

  • 12 Monthly Self-Guided Trainings

  •  12 LIVE Monthly Q&A Coaching calls 

  •  12 LIVE Active Practice, Ceremony, Ritual Gatherings

  •  Bonuses, Special Guests, Community Features, & more 


12 Month - Payment Plan

$44 // month

January - December 2023

  • 12 Monthly Self-Guided Trainings

  •  12 LIVE Monthly Q&A Coaching calls 

  •  12 LIVE Active Practice, Ceremony, Ritual Gatherings

  •  Bonuses, Special Guests, Community Features, & more 


Tanya J.

I was introduced to Lindsay through the Saged app. I was lost and looking for a path that would help me find out who I was. Her ability to guide you through your ups and downs is true magic. After joining Waters the membership I was able to work with her in a smaller setting and weave the magic she taught us into my own life. Because of her guidance, I not only am able to view myself as a strong woman with the ability to manifest my greatest desires, but I see the world in a whole new light. She has taught me to cultivate and trust my intuition, be a better mother, and believe in my own inner strength while reminding me that sometimes you just need to hug a tree and find joy in the frogs that randomly show up to find yourself. I still have a long way to go, but this time I know that I have one hell of a woman to help guide me.

Aline F.

Joining the waters membership has been powerful for me in deeping my spiritual practice and connecting with likeminded individuals. Since I don't meditate daily, a big dose of spiritual healing and guidance twice a month on our live zoom calls (or watching the recording) is exactly what my soul needs to feel nourished and grounded. I love exploring spiritual and celestial topics with Lindsay and getting individual feedback on the Q&A coaching calls. It really is a powerful and safe container for growth! I encourage anyone on the cusp to join 

Britney C.

I am going into Year 3 in Lindsay's Waters membership. I can tell you this container is pure magic and will change your life. The 1 on 1 time you get every month is incredible. I will be a lifer in this membership as she pours so much love and magic into everyone and everything she teaches. If you're ready to uplevel and open yourself up, then you need to join us in 2023 as you also will gain a incredible community who will cheer you on every step of the way.

Hetal D.

It took one leap into the spiritual world and I found my person. Lindsay has guided me to healing. I believed whole-heartedly that I was my trauma. Working with Lindsay I learned about my inner child and was able to begin that dialogue with my higher self.  She was the teacher I needed as I waded through my spiritual awakening. As I continue my healing journey I am reminded everyday of the amazing work Lindsay and I have done. I am so grateful!

Arielle C.

I came across Lindsay on a Podcast about 4 years ago when I began my journey in recovery, finding my purpose with a solid foundation in my life. Listening to Lindsay and her motivation to heal trauma through her potent, beautiful practices I instantly gained more interest and what she had to say and what else she had to offer. My goal since then has been to find a like minded community of people who want to uplift each other, empower each other, and release together. I have been a client of Lindsay’s for about a year now, and am moving toward fulfilling purpose and opening up my own business as a Spiritual Wellness Coach and I’m forever grateful to have gained such a beautiful soul to grow with! If you’re interested in Lindsay, I highly recommend her.

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Get to know Lindsay

Hey loves,
I'm Lindsay. I'm a spiritual wellness, intuitive business and mindset coach with Our & Are. I'm a Reiki Master (but I've also developed my own blend of energy healing). I'm a light worker, intuitive healer and passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.
I've healed and transmuted and alchemized so much in this incarnation, and I am excited to share all the magic I've learned and witnessed with you all.
Waters - the Membership is really special to me because I get to offer musings and magic on my favorite woo woo topics.
Come join the party — I'd love to have you!