Join WATERS - The Membership before the end of 2021 and get lifetime access to the entire 2021 Waters PORTAL!


Wade into the waters of your soul,

your power,


your abilities.

In this membership Lindsay introduces you to the rituals, practices, and ceremonies that she personally has been working with to create the life & business of her dreams. 


Working in this container provides you the roadmap to deep dive into the truth of who you are. Through this inner work you welcome in fulfillment at a soul level. Gain access to your own innate gifts through exposure and access to trainings, teachings, and practices ((and most importantly the personal integration of these workings))! 


Curious about what it means to live your purpose, express your passions, and know your true self? 


Whether you are a soulpreneur or a spiritually curious being, this membership provides you the beautiful playground to learn practices & techniques that will open up the doors to endless possibilities in life and business. 


Are you ready to take your personal practice to the next level?

If you feel oh so ready for more when it comes to spirituality, wellness, and woo woo but you feel stuck in a rut 

If you are worried about not doing it right when it comes to energy, vibration, or manifestation 

⤁ If you see all kinds of magical practices or behind the scenes pics on instagram and you think I wish I could do that 

⤁ If your personal practice feels capped at a certain level of connection


If you FEEL a resounding YES in your body or energy...  



WATERS - the Membership

 is for you! 

This is for me!


If you are feeling called, pulled, and magnetized to the innate magic within yourself but you’ve been feeling lost on how exactly to access & harness it, then Waters - the membership is exactly what you've been calling in!


Join Lindsay in WATERS and your journey looks like this:


✨ Get access to tons of powerful practices, trainings, & rituals 

✨ Get deeply connected to the lunar cycles 

✨ Gather with other aligned community members, build friendships, and find your woo woo besties 

✨ Create a practice all your own, one that serves your highest & greatest 


Hey loves, 

Lindsay here 👋!

I’m so excited that you are checking out WATERS - the Membership.

This is really the space I’m playing in most these days and I would love to have you join me in this magical container.


w  a  d  e

into the

w  a  t  e  r  s

with me

I cannot tell you how many clients have come to me chopping at the bit, ready to dive into the woo woo, alignment, energy management, lunar practices, and all the other magical practices I OBSESS over. 

More often than not, what's holding them back is access & exposure... 

Access & Exposure

Access to:

 + spiritual practices

 + woo woo tutorials

 + alchemization how tos

Exposure to: 

 + how to put together a ritual or ceremony 

 + how personal practice can look a million different ways 

 + how manifestation ((even for the experts)) can throw you for a loop & what to do when that happens 


⤁ I could go on & on,

but I think you get my point. 


When you get access and exposure to a myriad of tools, practices, as well as guided support you are able to deep dive, create, curate, and cultivate a deeper connection to the vibrational potency around you. 


This is the exact process that I used to access my inner wise woman, step into my priestess self, and radiate at my full power. 


Are you ready for a major up-level in your spiritual awareness, understanding, & practice? 

Thats where WATERS - the membership comes in!

I'm in!

What’s Included:

Each month of your membership you receive: 

Full Moon Activity

  • This practice is to support you in getting connected with the full moon. Just like the moon we go through phases, working with the lunar phases connects us to ourselves. 

Divine Feminine Practice 

  • Working with our divine feminine nature assists us in cultivating the power harnessed in the 2nd chakra (( this results in magic, creation energy, alignment, flow, and welcoming in so many of your desires )) 

LIVE Q&A Coaching Call

  • This is an opportunity for you to ask me anything on the topics of spiritual wellness, intuitive business, mindset, ritual, and more. Have a specific question about one of the practices... this is the time to ask! 

LIVE Digital Gathering

  • This is a sacred time to come together in our magical community, share space, learn, expand, and grow. We also get to harness the power of collective manifestation. I have a special practice we will work with at each digital gathering to support each other's manifestations.  

Added trainings, meditations, journal prompts, & workbooks

  • I will add in bonus trainings, guided mediations, journal prompts & interaction workbooks throughout the membership to help each of your -- no matter what your learning & integration style  

That's not all though, I'll frequently be bringing in featured guests to teach and offer trainings on a plethora of woo woo topics. 

+ tonal healing 

+ sound therapy 

+ manifestation 

+ quantum shifting 

+ cacao ceremonies 

+ astrology 

+ human design

& more 

Lindsay is gifted at supporting soulpreneurs & spiritually curious beings in accessing their power, embodying their own innate magic, and becoming the conscious creators of their lives & businesses. 


These are some of the many topics she has been working with for years:

  • She has explored so many ways for her roots to connect to this earth - to pachamama
  • She has traversed astral planes and discovered how she is tied and tethered to the multiverse 
  • She has adventured to the Akasha, the records of every experience we’ve ever had as a soul 

& so much more 

This is for me!

Waters - the membership is a way for you to connect, to play, to try on so many practices, rituals, and to truly learn how to make these practices your own. 


When you are supported in doing this work, when you get to ask questions and learn how to make it your own, and you flex your intuitive muscle you gain more than just knowledge of a practice, you grow your power. 


In accessing and wielding your own power you step into your natural state, receptivity.  

If you are interested:

+ in deepening your personal practice

+ working with the intuitive tool that is your body // feelings // emotions

+ flexing your intuitive muscles

+ learning about so many practices & receiving specific how to guidance on these practices


Are you ready to witness your desires, dreams, and goals materialize in your physical reality? 


  • Instant access to the Welcome Section & all previous 2021 months 

  • Bonus Intention Setting Training 

  • Monthly drops for the rest of 2021 - full moon activity, a divine feminine practices, and a bonuses offering

  • a LIVE Q&A Coaching Call monthly until the end of the year 

  • a LIVE Digital Gathering monthly until the end of the year 

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the ENTIRE 2021 portal 


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