I see you beautiful soul


I feel that magic beaming within you, 

tossing and turning, 

burning & churning, 


begging to be wielded, 

to be used, 

to create your dreams & desires 


I feel you, 

Magnetized to the spiritual work

Called to your dharma 

Ready to explore, expand, and up-level 

Ready to dive in 


I am here for you 


My magic has expanded,

my abilities have up-leveled 

The Priestess within me has taken hold 


I no longer access her, 




I’ve become even more honest, 

Even more direct, 

Even more powerful, 

Than I’ve ever allowed myself to be 


Once there was a time where I tried to fit my magic into a box, 

Tried to describe, and label

Attempt to reign it in 

These efforts, though a lesson, were futile 


Because there is no



In this moment, I speak to those future private clients of mine that are called to me, that feel this call, that hear this call, that are moved by this call 


I am ready, 

I am willing, 

I am holding space for you as I type this, 

As I speak this, 


My 1:1 coaching container is a place, is a space of PURE ALCHEMIZATION 


If it’s time for more than a life coach, 

More than business coach, 

More than a coach at all, 


If it’s time for mentor, 

A partner in this inner work, 

A guide in the wielding and developing of your gifts & magic, 

If it’s time for ritual 

For ceremony 

For alchemy 

For M A G I C 


Then it’s time to work with me

To be held, 

To be seen, 

To be supported, 


Then it’s time to

Develop your intuition 

Reprogram your subconscious 

UPLEVEL your life & business 


I am aligned, focused, and connected to calling in those souls ready for this work. 


I am 




& magnetizing in my soulmate clients 


Whether or not you choose to consider or pursue working with me in this sacred, luxe, and high vibrational container, I want to connect with you. 

It is truly my calling to hold space and support soulprenuers and spiritual curious beings on their heart paths, and I'm so grateful to have you as part of the community I’m so intentionally creating. 


If your intuition, your gut, your soul is saying yes, even if it’s a whisper, if it’s a loud yell, take the next step, DM me on Instagram, email me, or apply to be a private client by booking a Discovery Call.


I look forward to connecting with you, divine soul. 





Let's talk specifics


My 3 Month Coaching Program kicks off with a 90 minute intake call. 

+ This call is all about finding, uncovering, and talking through the areas YOU desire to align, shift, transmute, and alchemize. 

+ Then I create your program completely personalized & customized to you; often through a process of sitting in ceremony with my guides & yours! 

+ I share this with you and we co-create. We go back and forth, we alchemize together, resulting in a program that feels exactly like you, for you, and in your highest regard. 


We meet once a week for a 60 minute call for 11 weeks.

+ For a total of 12 calls


The investment: $15,000 USD 


Apply for Private Coaching

What you get: 

Welcome to private coaching in my sacred container

  • With your customized program you receive a recording of each call so you can listen as many times as you need ((many clients revisit these calls after the program is over to glean even more support)) 
  • A recap email with all the details of the topics we cover on the call  ((this way you don't have to break your focus to write down links, names, etc)) 
  • I provide support, suggestted homework, action steps, calendar reminders, motivation, journal prompts, and affirmations to work with. I'll also hold you accountable if that is an area that serves and supports you. Whether it's flexibility or discipline that you are craving, I've got you! 
  • You will get access to me via Voxer, so you can text
    & voice message me in between our calls to stay aligned and supported. 
  • You can email me and share // get items edited via shared google docs. For instance have me edit a sales page, or create you an EFT script. 
  • You'll be welcomed into my private Facebook group ((if you aren't already a member)) where you will meet tons of other aligned badasses, this is a great space to learn so much and connect with other women who are following this path
  • With my 3 Month Signature Program you get access to my ebooks ((How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams and Create a Ritual Bath)), and any live masterclasses or seminars I do during our coaching program ((massive value here)) 
  • I also offer you BONUS access to my ENTIRE DIGITAL PORTAL, with over 10+ spiritual programs and my personal guidance through them. 

These bonuses can be opened up for you during our program or right after our program, whatever serves you best! 


Want to learn more about these offerings: 

I want to spotlight private coaching. Let's talk about who this is for and what this container offers.


My private coaching container, this sacred container, is really made for you if
+ You’ve hit some of your goals
+ You’ve reached some of the financial milestones you’ve set out for yourself
+ You’re building a business that you love
+ You feel called to the work that you are doing BUT 
  • You’re ready for more spiritual alignment
  • You’re starting to really understand that you are the conscious creator and when we understand this we realize ((and guys it’s a hard realization)) that any and every block is our own self imposed block
  • If you are ready to marry the energetic work, the inner work, with the practical and technical work
  • if you are ready to shift the way that you feel about yourself, about what you’ve been through, about what you’ve accomplished
  • If you are ready to up level faster bigger bad assier 
  • You are called to spiritual, mindset, alignment, or ritual work.

My 1:1 coaching container is for you.

Apply for Private Coaching

My private coaching program is for you if...

You recently left your corporate job to go all in on your business
BUT you are still operating off the rules, beliefs, and ways of being from the corporate world.
If you are ready to deep dive into your programming, your operating system, and you desire to become aware of your subconscious programming.
And, THIS IS A BIG AND, you are ready to shift that, reprogramming your operating system with the rules, beliefs and ways of being that YOU choose
If this is YOU, then my 1:1 coaching container is calling to you. 
Is for YOU. 
Will support and transmute YOU!
I want to learn more!

I want to work with you if...


You are a successful, abundant, and aligned coach or light worker and it’s time to elevate your skill set.

If it's time to up-level your capability and you are ready to work with a master practitioner on things like:

+ Energy Healing styles, modalities, and personalization

+ Energy Movement

+ Chakra balancing & Auric Field Structuring

+ Shadow work

+ Inner Child Healing Practices

+ Goddess Embodiment

+ Kundalini

+ Breath-work



+ Sacred Ceremony

in deeper ways, more profound ways, and ways you’ve never experienced before


Then my 1:1 coaching container is for you, and I want you to apply! 

Apply for Private Coaching

My coaching container is calling to you if... 


You are hitting a success ceiling in your soul led business

You are started to realize it’s related to one or several of these things:  

+ The relationship with your mother, father, or parental figure growing up 

+ The relationship you have or had with a romantic partners, former or current partner

+ If you are carrying heaviness burden or trauma with you from childhood, early adulthood, or your many experiences on this earthly plane


Our foundational relationships play a major role in how we allow or block success, wealth, and abundance into our lives. If you have started to recognize that it's time for more than just business strategy, it's time for the inner work so you can welcome in your desires and not block them, it's time to work with me. 


If you are ready to work with someone who can hold space for the deep alchemization you are calling in... my 1:1 coaching container is for you. 

That's me! I'm ready to apply!

I want to work with you if...


You are a soulprenuer or spiritually curious being and

+ You are planning to consciously conceive soon

+ You are pregnant

+ You are a soulprenuer mama who knows that you get to have it all, a business that is successful & that you love, time for the family and intentional space to raise your little ones in the new paradigm way of being


If you are ready for customized, personalized support on your personal, professional, and heart - led motherhood journey.

My 1:1 coaching container is calling to you. 


I work with my clients in a sacred container to prepare for conscious conception, connect with the soul on the other side calling to you, prepare your business for maternity leave and soulprenuer life with a new earth side angel. This is a sacred time and you deserve aligned support not just for your business but for your heart and soul. 

Apply for Private Coaching

Does this sound like you... 


Are you overwhelmed with all the spiritual, mindset, manifestation, and woo woo work out there in the internet’s? 


If you are tired of google searching and YouTube video binge watching... resulting in you just feeling burned out and still sensing the void where practice, support, and ritual should me.


If you are ready for a priestess guide on this illuminated soulprenuer path, then my work is calling to you. 

I feel called! Apply Now.

Do you feel called to me & my work...


If you light up and feel expansive when you watch my videos or catch a livesteam

If you are magnetized to the topics I teach on and the way my energy emanates

If you are ready to be expanded in all ways, mind - body - soul and more 


It’s time to show up for yourself.

It's time to reach out.

It's time to take that aligned action step for yourself.


Apply for 1:1 coaching and let’s talk about what my programs offer, if it’s right for you, and what we can create together! 

Apply for Private Coaching

Do you KNOW that what you need right now is to hire a private coach, that a mastermind or group program isn’t going to offer you exactly what you are looking for.


Are you the called to that personalized 1:1 support that you can only receive from a private coach, mentor, and alchemist.


The sacred container I create for each of my 1:1 clients is nothing short of pure magic.


I’ve been told

  • “I make more money on my call with you than any other time” 
  • “After our calls I am on fire, I create so many in just a few hours” 
  • “Working with you has allowed me to access a new level of creative flow” 


  • “Holy shit, it’s too easy, I keep pinching myself” 


If you are ready for magic, alignment, and access to the alchemy that YOU are 100% capable of creating every single day, then it’s time to reach out, discuss coaching together in a 1:1 setting.


My private coaching

is open for enrollment


I only take on a few clients at a time and I am enrolling currently.


Do you know you want to work together but you feel called to a later kick off date?

Let’s talk about how to secure your spot for right now or in the future. 


+ Are you feeling called to a private coaching, mentor, or spiritual teacher who can provide structure in a divine feminine way? 

+ Are you ready for more productivity in less time... 

+ Are you ready to amplify the impact of the work you put out there... 

+ Are you ready to make intentional shifts in your day to day that result in quantum leaps forward into your desires reality 


If you said yes, even that tiny under the breath scared to admit it yes, then I am encouraging you, I am challenging you to show up for yourself and reach out to me, express your interest, lean into your calling, I’m here to support and expand you


I'm offering even more magic

during this special enrollment period.


closes down Tuesday at midnight


+ Sign up during this special launch period and save 50% 

Pay in Full - $7,500

If you desire a payment plan, snag your spot with a $500 deposit.


Apply for Private Coaching

$15,000 usd

payment plans available

Apply for Private Coaching!

Get to know Lindsay

Lindsay Schroeder 

Alchemist - Channel - Healer -

A powerful practitioner in her own right, Lindsay has developed a business & career based in love and a deep passion for supporting spiritual beings in expanding their own practice, deepening their awareness, and activating their ability to step into the role of conscious creator.